You are a gem and I’m never letting you go.
Julia Summerfeld, editor,

Diane, this was BRILLIANT! I totally love you writing these posts. You’re amazing!
Linda Dahlstrom, editor,

What a GREAT piece! You did a fantastic job, and it is really funny – and sad – both of which you managed to convey with great taste.
Suzanne Choney, editor,

You are amazing with deadlines and clean well-written copy! No wonder we load you with all you can handle.
— Jane Weaver, editor,

Diane, you make good writing look so effortless.
— Margot Weiss, editor,

[Your column] arrived. It’s magnificent. It’s a really enjoyable, breezy read. Great job.
— John Levesque, editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Just a note to tell you what a huge fan of your work I am!  I loved today’s column.  Thanks for making the P-I better!  
– David McCumber, Managing Editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


You are a truly funny and gifted writer and I’ve enjoyed your P-I columns.
Seattle P-I Single Shot reader

 I love your writing style and sense of humor. It’s one of the big reasons I buy the P-I over the Times.
Seattle P-I Single Shot reader

Kudos, Diane, for yet another intelligent and insightful article. I very much enjoy your writing.
— Seattle P-I Single Shot reader

 The Flex-Away Facial exerciser may not be any good, but Diane Mapes sure is.  She’s as funny as they come – a fantastic comedienne.
— reader (“Does it Work? column)

 I laughed till I cried. What a wit Ms. Diane Mapes is. I wish more stand up comics were that good.
— reader (“Does it Work? column)

This article … has given me the opportunity to accept [my bedwetting problem] and deal with it. Although the problem occurs only once or twice a year now, I have spent my entire life in constant fear of it happening … Just relating my experience here will help me immensely.  
— reader (“Bedwetting blues” story)


Diane had an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge about publishing and marketing. She is/was unbelievably great. A very helpful class and she went the extra mile to make it useful and included written resource material. WONDERFUL!
— Student, How to Sell Your Work Without Selling Your Soul, Fall 2008

Diane was an amazing resource. I can’t believe how much info she packed into four hours. The handouts of proposals, resources, and marketing info were staggering – in a good way. Diane rocks!
— Student, How to Sell Your Work Without Selling Your Soul, Fall 2008

Tons of energy, very inspiring and more ideas than an MIT think tank.
— Student, How to Pitch-Slap an Editor, Summer 2009


What’s the story?

Meet Diane Mapes, your friendly neighborhood freelance writer. My beats include health (with an emphasis on cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship) and lifestyle and singles issues, but I also love writing about history, natural history, pop culture and TV/film. On this site, you'll find links to stories, praise for my writing (*blush*) and the odd bit of social commentary about the single life. Also here, a few shameless plugs for my books (hint: see links below). Have fun, glad you're here and hope to hear from you soon.

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