You are a gem and I’m never letting you go.
Julia Summerfeld, editor,

Diane, this was BRILLIANT! I totally love you writing these posts. You’re amazing!
Linda Dahlstrom, editor,

What a GREAT piece! You did a fantastic job, and it is really funny – and sad – both of which you managed to convey with great taste.
Suzanne Choney, editor,

You are amazing with deadlines and clean well-written copy! No wonder we load you with all you can handle.
— Jane Weaver, editor,

Diane, you make good writing look so effortless.
— Margot Weiss, editor,

[Your column] arrived. It’s magnificent. It’s a really enjoyable, breezy read. Great job.
— John Levesque, editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Just a note to tell you what a huge fan of your work I am!  I loved today’s column.  Thanks for making the P-I better!  
– David McCumber, Managing Editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


You are a truly funny and gifted writer and I’ve enjoyed your P-I columns.
Seattle P-I Single Shot reader

 I love your writing style and sense of humor. It’s one of the big reasons I buy the P-I over the Times.
Seattle P-I Single Shot reader

Kudos, Diane, for yet another intelligent and insightful article. I very much enjoy your writing.
— Seattle P-I Single Shot reader

 The Flex-Away Facial exerciser may not be any good, but Diane Mapes sure is.  She’s as funny as they come – a fantastic comedienne.
— reader (“Does it Work? column)

 I laughed till I cried. What a wit Ms. Diane Mapes is. I wish more stand up comics were that good.
— reader (“Does it Work? column)

This article … has given me the opportunity to accept [my bedwetting problem] and deal with it. Although the problem occurs only once or twice a year now, I have spent my entire life in constant fear of it happening … Just relating my experience here will help me immensely.  
— reader (“Bedwetting blues” story)


Diane had an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge about publishing and marketing. She is/was unbelievably great. A very helpful class and she went the extra mile to make it useful and included written resource material. WONDERFUL!
— Student, How to Sell Your Work Without Selling Your Soul, Fall 2008

Diane was an amazing resource. I can’t believe how much info she packed into four hours. The handouts of proposals, resources, and marketing info were staggering – in a good way. Diane rocks!
— Student, How to Sell Your Work Without Selling Your Soul, Fall 2008

Tons of energy, very inspiring and more ideas than an MIT think tank.
— Student, How to Pitch-Slap an Editor, Summer 2009


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