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I’m Diane Mapes, a former freelance journalist now gainfully employed by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, where I cover cancer research, prevention and treatment. All opinions and f-bombs you might find here are most definitely my own. 😉

In a past life, I covered health, humor, lifestyle and singles issues via my Single Shot column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer; multiple essays and articles for NBCnews, MSNBC, Match, TODAY, MSN, CNN, Columns Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, etc., and two books: How to Date in a Post-Dating World (a dating manual for the modern, mangled single) and the essay collection Single State of the Union, which I edited.

me - dec 2012 - publicity shot with book - goofy
Hey, I wrote a book! Also, stay tuned — I’m writing another! Photo courtesy of Adrien Leavitt

I’ve also published a dozen or so short stories and this fun little zombie parody (co-authored with a buddy). Currently, I’m working on a darkly comic novel.

Three years after my lobular breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, I went to work as a news writer for Fred Hutch. I now write about cancer research and science, especially cancer prevention and public health. Common topics include survivorship and the collateral damage of cancer treatment; metastatic recurrence and how to avoid it; health inequities and their impact on underserved populations; AI and precision prevention and most recently, how COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic is affecting cancer patients. The fun never stops! 😉

In my “copious” spare time, I hang with friends and family, advocate for cancer patients, watch news incessantly and compose old timey-sounding music on my piano. You can read my essays, articles, short stories and columns here.

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What’s my story?

I'm a former freelance writer, now gainfully employed at Fred Hutch (views and f-bombs all my own).

I write about health and health care; cancer research and the cancer experience; dating, lifestyle and singles issues and lots of other stuff including humor and fiction and a few songs here and there.

Book info below.

Looking for my breast cancer blog? Go to doublewhammied

Where are my books?

How to Date in a Post-Dating World A dating manual for the modern, mangled single.

Single State of the Union
Single women speak out on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Fifty Shades of Brains
Sex. Zombies. Really annoying present tense narration.

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