New dating site for the single and self-employed

One of the unforeseen challenges of this recession is that people are not only losing their jobs (and their income), they’re losing their convenient social circles, as well. Suddenly, thousands of singles are working at home and/or starting their own businesses, which usually means long days, limited free time and little to no outside contact (except for the UPS man).

How are you supposed to meet someone interesting and of your ilk when you’re spending all your time slaving over a hot laptop or building an entrepreneurial empire out in the garage?

As luck would have it, there’s a new online dating site for the single and self-employed. touts itself as the place where “single entrepreneurs and business owners connect,” a dating site offering the busy self-employed professional the “opportunity to connect with others who understand and appreciate the unique challenges of self-employment” (i.e., 38-hour days).  

Sadly, though, when I logged in, there was no one to connect to.

No single Seattle business owners or entrepreneurs age 40 – 55.  Nor age 35 – 60. I couldn’t even find a breathing bipedal male aged 18 to 80. Of course, the site is brand spanking new and as the FAQ page puts it, “while our membership is growing, there will be areas with few members.” Unfortunately, even searching nationwide with the parameters cranked all the way open, I only found 12 single men (and 14 single women).

Guess everybody’s too busy making money to think about making love.  Or else they’re opting for Plan B — waiting for love to just show up on their doorstep. Speaking of which, I’ve got to run. I think I hear the hunky UPS man.


4 Responses to “New dating site for the single and self-employed”

  1. 1 Singlutionary May 23, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    If I ever want to date again, I would totally go for this. Self employment is a unique situation and its hard to find people who “get” it who have made a career out of the 9-5.

    Of course, I noticed that the entrepreneuers on never had any time to date! So maybe being self employed requires having someone show up on your doorstep.

  2. 2 regina hackett May 24, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    But we’ll have to stop typing and change out of our pajamas.

  3. 3 onely June 4, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Gawd, what I wouldn’t give for the UPS man (or woman) to jump my unshowered, pajama-clad self every time he/she shows up.

    Maybe that should be the new singles site: Connecting delivery people with the self-employed?? Heh.



  4. 4 Singletude June 9, 2009 at 1:09 am

    Thanks for this! As a self-employed writer/editor, I’ve added this to my bookmarks just in case I should get the urge to start dating again!

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