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Are you cute or crazy?

cute-and-crazyI’ve had a lot of people asking me about a new reality dating show on VH1 called Tough Love, in which “handsome, cocky and smart” matchmaker Steven Ward helps a handful of “desperate and single” spinsters … er … smoking hotties find true love by offering them brutally honest advice on how to trap a man.  (Hint: change your personality!)


As with previous reality dating shows, such as ABC’s now-defunct How to Get the Guy, Tough Love slaps labels on the contestants in order to facilitate the objectification process. Or as they like to spin it, the cast is comprised of “classic archetypes of the single woman.” You’ve got your Miss Picky, your Miss Bridezilla, your Miss Golddigger, and your classic “Too Much Too Soon” romantic. Apparently, Miss Too Smart For This Crap was busy. Although she did post a lovely video commentary about the show here.


While the “single-attention-whores-living-together-under-one-roof” motif is nothing new, there is a segment of the show called “Cute or Crazy?” that sort of stands out, probably because it focuses on human behavior, an endlessly fascinating topic (more on this here). In the style of a fake game show, male contestants sound off as to whether the contestants’ behavior is acceptably adorable or bunny-boiling-scary-as-hell.


Not surprisingly, almost everything is judged as crazy: organizing your cupboards, letting your cat decide whether you date someone, designing your own wedding dress, etc.


Hmmm, now that I think about it, that first one does seem a little off.


While on one hand, I hate the idea of the game show’s basic message (quirky girls have cooties!) seeping into the minds of impressionable youngins, I love hearing about people’s weird habits and oddball obsessions. Especially as it pertains to dating. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there. I once went out on a date with a guy whose house was completely filled with serial killer paraphernalia. Not just a book or two. We’re talking floor to ceiling paintings, posters, statues, skulls, books, movies, memorabilia, you name it (to read more on this and other scary first dates, click here). I was slightly freaked and the date lasted all of 20 minutes. In other words, he scored a big fat crazy on the Cute or Crazy? scale.  


What about you? Have you been freaked out by a date’s behavior?  Or has someone been scared off by something you’ve done? What’s cute and what’s crazy in your dating book? Miss Happily Single would LOVE to know.

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