Love in the time of collection agencies

how-to-date-cover2how-not-to-date-cover1A couple of weeks back, I was asked to team up with Seattle Weekly Dategirl columnist Judy McGuire (author of How Not to Date) for a cheeky do’s and don’ts column about dating during the recession, a request that makes much more sense if you know that I’m the author of How to Date (in a Post-Dating World). 

Our books were both published by Sasquatch Books here in Seattle and as you can see, they make a lovely matched set. We’re sort of the twins of the dating book beat, except Judy gets to be the fun overtly evil twin. And I get to be the fun secretly evil twin. ; ) Anyway, our tag-team interview went live this week on Flavorwire. Here’s a snippet. Check out the full interview here.

Since I lost my job all I do is sit around the apartment in my skivvies with a beer and a bowl of corn chips! What do I do?
I don’t understand. Is sitting around in your underpants and drinking all day a problem? Seriously, if you don’t feel like dating, don’t date. But you definitely want to take care of yourself and not fall into a dark pit of self-pity and despair. If nothing else, get together with your buddies for beer and corn chips, but do wear pants!
Mmm, greasy, broke and drunk — Judy likey!


Speaking of dating during the recession, here’s a link to a Single Shot column I wrote for the Seattle P-I a few months back titled “How to be a cheap date.”  Unfortunately, we can all still use tips on how to find love in the time of collection agencies. Feel free to send me yours!


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